1970 Plymouth Satellite

The car was in pretty rough shape. It had the original paint (Burnt Orange Metallic), with a Top Banana Yellow on top of that and a Hemi Orange on top of that. The last paint job was pretty bad. In addition, the car had been in one or more accidents. Work was already completed on the engine/transmission rebuild, interior/dash, and now Kevin is bringing her back to life on the paint and body work.

The doors, front fenders, hood and trunk/deck lid was acid-dipped and any rust issues, dings, and dents, have been fixed.  The roof, cowl, A and B posts and rockers were stripped of all that paint (lots of layers). It is getting new rear quarter panels, deck panel, deck panel supports, tail panel, rear cross member, and outer wheel housings, so the car will basically have all new metal from the doors back. At this point, the rear quarters have been loosely fitted, but we are in the process of making adjustments to doors and quarters, etc. before welding in place. Once that is done, Kevin will finish the overall paint and body work.

As of 11/16/2014, the car is done.  See pictures below.  The most recent are at the top.